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Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn Review

Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn Review:
This is one of the greatest horror movies and most certainly in my top six favorite horror films of all time. The creative team both in front and behind the camera put forth maximum passion and effort to create what is essentially one of the greatest films ever put to screen.
Let’s start off by talking about the stellar cast. We get a variety of development from all sides of the story. None of it is as good as the stuff we get for Bruce Campbell. He personifies the film for all its insanity, dark comedy, wit, and violence.
Campbell’s unhinged performance Is an unforgettable landmark of cinema and he creates to many iconic moments to count. The on-screen portrayal of one of the most iconic characters in cinema is given in this film and every second was a blast. He’ll make you laugh even when you’re disgusted out of your mind.
The plot itself is even better. We get two main stories played out in stunning and insanely clever skill. It’s a nonstop ride of psychological insanity as we slowly slip into madness with Ash. It never ceases to keep your attention and will always keep you on your toes.
You’ll also see some of the greatest set designs and practical effects in history. The scale they are on and level of quality is astounding. Evil Dead 2 has effects that are far superior to some of the effects in blockbusters today.
Overall, this is a spectacle of horror and is the absolute best the genre has to offer. 9.9/10

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