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Evil Dead Review

Evil Dead Review:
Well after Don’t Breathe, I thought I’d check out Fede Alvarez’ other works and that just so happened to be Evil Dead. Now I have mixed feelings about this film. On one point, it’s a faithful continuation of the saga with great new characters and twists.
On the other hand, the characters make some pretty dumb moves towards the end and the movie is void of scares. It certainly has a creepy atmosphere throughout the whole movie. It keeps you on edge but you never get that jump.
Now the film has plenty of fun dialogue, especially from the demons,and the gore is phenomenally and brutally realistic.The actors also do a great job at making you feel relieved about the situation and I really like the scenario they’re in.
They take many of the best things from the original and modernizing them while at the same time creating a new story that’s interesting and edgy. So the Evil Dead was a faithful adaptation but wasn’t scary, so I’ll give it 4/5 stars. #evildead #ashvsevildead #movie #moivies #moviereviews #moviereview #horror #horrorfan #deathstroke #justiceleague #batman #superman #wonderwoman #aquaman #flash #cyborg #fedealvarez #dontbreathe