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Fight Club Review

This is one of the most influential and powerful films ever put to screen. It’s got a perfect cast, brilliant writing, and phenomenal execution. First, we have to talk about the acting. The actors involved are just are fantastic and grimy as the world around them.
While there are many who like Brad Pitt the most, I liked Edward Norton instead. He’s a tortured protagonist who can resonate with anyone watching the film because of his dark satirical view of the world.
This is a brutally real film that challenges the modern world in a way that’s all too real. I went into this film knowing what was going to happen but was still blown away by how much I loved it.
This movie will make you view your life differently and I don’t think any other film can do that. This film made me think about my life more than any other film of ever watched and that’s why I give it 4.5/5 stars. If you haven’t seen this classic (which is highly unlikely), just go out and rent or buy it. It will change your life!