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Frankenstein Review

Frankenstein Review:
This is the universal classic that started the first shared universe. Does it stand up to the test of time? Yes and so much more.
First off, we have a stellar cast and crew leading this film along. Every actor and performance was far ahead of its time in terms of dedication and commitment. None are as haunting though as Boris Karloff in the iconic role of Frankenstein’s Monster. Every second he’s onscreen, he conveys waves of emotional torture, pain, and joy. Without any words given, he gives one of the most powerful monster performances in cinematic history.
The story itself is a straightforward, thought-provoking tale of man, science, and his own mortality. It begs the question, long before Jurassic Park, how far should man go in its pursuit of science? It’s a brilliant and somber tale told to perfection nearly a century ago. No other adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic has even come close to touching this masterpiece.
Overall, it’s a magnificent piece of cinema on all grounds and is mandatory viewing for anyone who loves movies. 9.7/10