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Friday the 13th Part II Review

Friday the 13th Part II Review:
This is the legendary classic that spawned the iconic and infamous Jason Voorhees. While this is an endlessly enjoyable slasher flick, it’s a generic and by the books, cliched slasher flick that copies the first in almost every scene.
It’s an endless delight to see Jason at his youngest killing off the stereotypical, happy go lucky campers, but we’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again.
The only ups to this film are that it’s Jason Voorhees’s first turn in the spotlight and it’s endless barrels of fun to watch him dispatch of the campers in the most brutal fashion. I could go on and on about why you should watch this film, but I have to add that the characters and plot are as commonplace as they come. It’s the run of the mill slasher flick that has endless scenes to laugh and jump at.
I would highly recommend this classic cliche slasher flick for the purpose of watching a fun fest of fright and gore. I give a 3.5/5 stars for the man in the burlap sack mask. #joker #harleyquinn #deadshot #slipknot #suicidesquad #fridaythe13th #jasonvoorhees #horror #horrorfan #movie #movies #moviereviews #moviereview #gore #justiceleague #cyborg #aquaman #wonderwoman #batman #superman #flash

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