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Halloween 2 Review

Halloween 2 Review:
This is the final review for the latest installment in the series and the final entry in Rob Zombie’s Halloween series. This movie is what I would call all promise and no delivery. It has some truly amazing ideas and great moments, but that’s only like five minutes of the film. The rest is really just garbage.
First off, they ruin every good character form the first. He did the impossible job of making a new Laura and Dr.Loomis that we liked into unlikable prudes. They are selfish, immature, greedy, and are essentially self-absorbed brats. Fifteen minutes into the film and you already want both of them to die.
However, Brad Douriff is here to save the day. He gets a level role and as per usual, gives a great performance and is one of the reasons this movie was absolutely horrible.
The plot had its high ups and low downs. We get some phenomenal insight into the Holiday-themed mythology behind Michael Myers, and some truly am amazing ideas. However, the execution of the story around these ideas is just horrible. It does give Mike some more development, which is nice, but the majority of the film is just watching Laura scream and complain while treating everyone around her like garbage.
There really isn’t a lot to say about this film beside it’s the first Halloween film to truly try and take Michael in a totally new direction. It was a great idea executed horribly, poorly, and all-around sloppily. Overall, it has some good moments, but not even Halloween fans can enjoy this one. 3.9/10

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