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Halloween H2O Review

Halloween H2O Review:
This movie took, what many thought, is a dead series and totally revived it. Making 90 million at the global box office and receiving good reviews, this movie did the impossible.
They took a horror franchise that was almost thirty years old, had six installments, not a good review since the first, and made a genuine return to form that was both critically and financially a success. But does it live up to the test of time? Yes, it gets even better. What we have here are smart screen writers, a smart cast, and a passion project.
Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role and it seems like a day hasn’t even passed. She’s flawless in her form and is instantly a likable and spectacular lead. Our new slew of kid characters are more generic than I’d like, but between them we get enough charisma, charm, and witty dialogue to make them an acceptable subplot.
The story itself is also brilliant. It’s a clash of old fashioned build-up and new world suspense. It has enough elements from the classic series to appease fans, but builds off of it as to not tread or wallow in past achievements. It’s its own movie with its own goals.
Another massive plus is Michael Myers himself. He is more brutal, calculating, and colder than in recent memory. He is the killer that made him so famous in the first movie and this makes him a very intimidating presence. The biggest service this film does is properly ending the wires. If it weren’t for the abomination of a sequel this got, we could have had a emotionally, climactic, and high-octane finale to the Halloween legacy.
Overall, this is a well-made film, excellent Halloween film, and a must watch for horror and Halloween fans. It definitely marked a spark of hope for the franchise. 8.1/10

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