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Halloween Review

Halloween Review:
Just two away from being finished. This is the remake of the immortal classics and as you can imagine, not many fans were excited about a remake of their favorite horror film. However, Rob Zombie put passion and effort into this so it’s definitely worth a shot.
What I really loved about the film is Michael Myers is the reincarnation of evil. He had no emotion, remorse or even the ability to stop after taking multiple blows. Zombie really did reinvent Michael to be as evil, menacing, and horrific as possible. I also loved how Zombie kept to the originals ideas while at the same time interjecting his own twisted vision. It’s a brutal, psychotic, ferocious remake that takes the place as my all-time favorite horror remake of all time.
First, let’s look at the cast. They gave Michael a family and a reason to his madness and this somewhat takes away from the original message of Michael Myers, that pure evil needs no reason for its mayhem. However, this helps Zombie craft his own image as to not fall too much in line with the classic.
The slew of new characters are a hit or miss. His family is a definite miss, his mother is a hit, Laura is a hit, her friends are a hit, some of the kids are a miss, and Dr. Loomis is a hit. Malcolm McDowell does a great job as a modern Dr. Loomis, he truly put maximum effort into his part.
The true star, however, is Michael Myers. Tyler Main is terrifying in the best design yet, including the original, of Myers. They also explain why he’s so slow and methodical about killing and why he kills teenagers. He likes to enjoy watching smaller, weaker beings suffer. This was a brilliant and subtle detail Zombie added in and I loved it.
The plot is a bit mixed. The first half is an interesting psychological drama into Michael’s head and the second half is  a somewhat rushed going about of the events of the first movie. While each respective segment is entertaining, the second half moves to quickly and is not as fleshed out as it could have been.
Overall, this is a better remake, far better than it should have been. It also makes Michael Myers a terrifying force to be reckoned with again. 7.1/10

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