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Hellraiser IV Bloodline Review

Tonight’s late night review was the last stand of the theatrical Hellraiser series. This film has the bad reputation of being Pinhead in Space, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The movie goes back to the complex roots of the original to delve into an in-depth story about complex characters in a complex world. The story may get lost teaching for the Stars, but it still manages to make a mark.
First off, we have good characters. In each segment we get to see obvious human flaws and sometimes, morbidly likable characters to follow. These people are looking for purpose, power, love, and direction as pain and pleasure slowly carve out a path.
Douge Bradley gives an exceptionally tantalizing and hellish performance as Pinhead. He delivers his most manipulative and powerful performance in this film but not to a goofy level like in Hell on Earth. The plot is a mixed bag. It’s three segments across three timelines all taking an in-depth look at the Cenobites history leading up to their demise.
Despite this film being tonally a mess as well as being generic, and predictable, I respect this movie for trying something different. When so many slasher series were cashing in into this entire premise, they took a unique path and made a stand. It tried to be competent and smart, and while it didn’t actually succeed it still has its moments.
Overall, it’s the final good Hellraiser Film because it has good characters, a great villain, and a plot that tries so many creative and different things even if it didn’t succeed at all of them. 6.3/10