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Hellraiser Judgement Review

The ninth, if I’m correct, film in the Hellraiser series is a return to form of sorts. The film itself has surprisingly leveled in quality not seen in three decades and most certainly not since the original two films.
It’s interesting and well-acted with characters that have amazing antagonists. Paul Taylor as Pinhead shockingly holds up to Bradley. He gives a fantastic nuanced performance that brings the character back to his horrifying roots.
The greatest aspect of Judgement was the Inquisitor. His eccentric and scene-stealing performance elevated the film far above what it actually is. Then we get to my biggest problem, it’s existence. The movie goes against Barker’s original intent for the characters and what made them so complex and interesting.
Instead of being neither angels nor demons, they become reflections of ourselves. The whole idea of making the Cenobites demons was always a weak point for the series and it’s just another useless add on. Not to mention we’ve seen this story done a million times and many of those are better. At this point, I either want a reboot or an end to the series.
Despite its level of quality, I don’t want to have to keep going through average films for a series that could be great. Especially not when each installment is a slap in the face to the originals.
Overall Hellraiser Judgement is a fair enough return to form with good characters and a decent story, but it still suffers from pointlessness. 6.7/10

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