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It Comes At Night Review

It Comes At Night Review:
Since the first trailer, I was hooked into this film and I hate that it’s taken me so long to watch it. However, it didn’t disappoint.
Joel Edgerton is one of the best actors alive and he kills it in this world. We get to see a fully realized character making human decisions that often are neither good nor bad. It’s a grey area. You may not like everything he does, but you understand why he does it.
The supporting cast is just as good. His wife is a well-developed and equally well-acted character that oftentimes is a sail boat character for the audience. The son is a complex personality that we get to see slowly fracture through the hard hitting apocalypse and his artistic dreams.
The other family provides a great sense of emotion, turmoil, and story. They bring a sense of hope and peace to a hopeless situation, but things slowly start to go wrong. The subtlety in the tension is brilliant and the cracks ever so slowly get bigger. Any viewer will doubt as the family’s relationship draws to an ever building high. It was phenomenally played out and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.
The plot is, as expected, brutally creative. It’s a different kind of apocalypse film that puts the audiences in a realistic situation and forces them to confront real problems. From the gorgeous cinematography to the eerie atmosphere, everything about this movie sucked me in.
Overall, it won’t be for everyone because of its gut wrenching ending. But It Comes At Night is a tightly written and powerfully acted horror movie that you won’t soon forget. 9.1/10

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