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“IT” Review:
The 1990 original horror Stephen King classic, “IT” scared a generation and a nation—setting the bar for Stephen King adaptations. However, the film has not just stood the test of time but it still holds a high level of quality up to this day.
First off, the cast is a mixed batch. All the kid actors do a great job of creating a sense of Spielberg innocence and fun to them in the story. They all showcase a surprisingly level of quality for kid actors in the 90’s and it helps that story.
Tim Curry shines as Pennywise in probably his best role. He’s hilarious, scary, and truly iconic in the titular clown persona. Even today his face, smile, and frown scare all who look upon it. The adult story, on the other hand, isn’t as good.
The characters are good and the actors do a fine job, but the story isn’t as strong. The story just isn’t as original or well-executed, but it still packs a good punch. Tim Curry comes in to save the day, but then there’s the finale. It’s out of nowhere, over the top, and extremely, absolutely, and beyond unsatisfying. Many die hard fans will admit the ending to this endlessly fun miniseries is nothing but disappointment.
Overall, the now only packaged as a 3-hour movie “IT” is truly a great film. It has a strong cast, strong characters, and a knockout performance from Tim Curry that terrified a world for generations. Despite its glaring flaws, it’s still a classic. 8.1/10

“IT” Review:
I’m a huge fan of the original novel and a fan of the 1990 miniseries. I have problems with the second half, but I think Tim Curry’s performance is one of the most iconic villain performances in cinematic history. I can gladly say this movie passed all expectations with flying bloody colors.
First off, we have a phenomenal cast. The kids in this movie are all great actors, surprisingly, and all have defined personalities. Each one of them got loads of development as characters and are relatable and sympathetic to watch. Pennywise manipulates them through their fears of the past, family, disease, failure, and it all shows the audience the inner working of the kids and their relationships with the outside world.
It’s touching and personal, and we get attached immediately. The kids themselves have great chemistry making them feel like real friends and not just actors. Then there’s Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise and he is amazing. He brings a level of creative brutality and unabridged creepiness to the first time cinematic role. From his devilish costume to his unnerving face paint to his absolutely horrifying voice, he’s perfect as Pennywise.
The plot is equally beautiful. The cinematography is gorgeous and sweeping—the story is personal, scary, but full of heart and the finished product is one for the books. It dives into the characters and the town but takes its time exploring all other areas, from the characters to being a faithful adaptation of the novel with a few nice creative differences.
The film isn’t afraid to show the more brutal aspects of the novel and shed some blood with shockingly terrifying results. I feel like “IT” is the closest to a modern classic we’ve had in a long time. I can just tell it’s going to be on people’s minds for decades to come.
Overall, “IT” is the best horror film of the year. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite horror films of all time because it’s an emotional story with plenty of great characters, scary moments, dazzling effects, and a clown that’ll convince you that you’ll float too. 9.5/10

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