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Jeepers Creepers 2 Review

Jeepers Creepers 2 Review:
I’m going to be reviewing the series backwards seeing as I started with the third installment, which I will hopefully be seeing again Friday, so let’s get to it.
Originally I didn’t like this movie. I thought it was a heavily disappointing sequel to one of my favorite horror films of all time. However, a second watch of the Scream Factory Edition totally changed my mind.
First off, we have a good set of characters. On a bus full of people, it’s a daunting task to deliver ample amount of personality to all of them. The good thing is everyone here gets good moments and you become attached to them.
But what I really loved was the conflict. When the Creeper shows up, things start to deteriorate. Watching how different people react was engaging and fascinating. Then there’s the side plot about the farmer hunting the Creeper. The opening is fantastic and his moments are emotionally grounded and really helped the audience to really get into his character. His moments and conclusion with the bus were superb.
Then there’s the Creeper. He’s as good as ever but this time around we get some better ideas as to how he works. Unfortunately, I think we see too much as to how he uses the bodies because a part of his mystery is what makes him so great. He’s still well-written, perfectly acted, and a blast every second he’s on screen.
The plot earns its place in the Creeper’s saga. It recaptures that sense of summer fun and horror that the original so perfectly crafted. It’s atmosphere and characters all suck you into it which makes for an instantly and endlessly enjoyable sequel.
Overall, while it does fall short in originality and doesn’t have as much of a strong characters as with the original, it’s still a good movie and sequel. 7.8/10