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Jigsaw Review

Jigsaw Review:
I’m honestly now a fan of the Saw series. There are only two installments I find mediocre to decent and one of those is probably only because the previous installments are so putrid. This movie was a genuinely fantastic surprise. It was nice to see the modern horror icon, for better or worse, Jigsaw/John Kramer make a triumphant return to retake Halloween.
First off, we probably have the best ensemble of actors in the series. Everyone gives fine performances which is above and beyond for their characters. Their relationships and interactions engage the audience and the main victims are all decent personalities.
The plot is equally surprising. The story is a well-woven and truly unique web of twists and traps. This may be one of the least violent installments, but it’s still a nail-bitingly intense story with some truly cringeworthy traps. It’s definitely hard to watch them dispatch the victims.
The development for the all-around story lead the series into a bright new future for the Halloween weekends and the Saw series. Fans of the series will be pleased with this return to form and will find plenty of intense scares and memorable moments to spend a Halloween weekend with. Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who generally doesn’t like the Saw movies.
Overall, the movie is my favorite in the Saw series because it’s a return to what made the series great with a few new ideas and modern techniques thrown in. It’s intense, well acted, and here to take back Halloween. 7.2/10

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