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Killer Joe Review

Killer Joe Review:
While movies like Evil Dead were slapped with an NC-17 rating when they originally came out, they have since been downgraded to an R rating. Killer Joe is the first film I have seen that proudly boasted the NC-17 like a true champ and it most certainly earns that. What else would you expect from the director of the acclaimed The Exorcist?
First off, let’s talk character. I love how absolutely grungy and twisted the characters in this film are. The turnaround their arcs take them on and their bleak twisted morals make for some truly unforgettable characters.
Another truly masterful aspect is how our initial protagonist eventually becomes our antagonist and the supposed antagonist becomes our anti-hero. Watching all these characters just exist and make their way through their hick lives is played to perfection.
Mathew McConaughey also kills it as the twisted and murderous hit man. I loved how they broke his seemingly most normal character person down to showcase he was no better than anyone else. The romance, the witty dialogue, everything is just pristine here.
Then there’s the plot and it’s killer. The movie is a dark comedy through thick and thin and it gets really grisly and funny. The humor is without a doubt acquired, but even if it’s not your taste, you can’t deny they’ve done it skillfully. The story itself is a phenomenal tale of backwards desperation and how far things can escalate when no one is there to hold these idiots back.
The final thing I’ll mention is the style. This movie has a truly striking visual tone that sums up its blue and bleak brutality. Overall, Killer Joe is a relentless force of dark comedy at its most deprived and finest, and all in all I can say this is the best performance McConaughey has given in my lifetime. This is one of the best films I have ever seen due to its mastery in the macabre and depraved. 9.1/10