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Krampus 2015 Review

Krampus 2015 Review:
This movie follows a family as they’re tormented by Krampus and his demon helpers. This movie is amazing. It blends terrifying horror and gut-busting comedy to the extreme.
In terms of acting, every actor is great. Nobody has moments of weakness and it really helps the film become something more than just a holiday scare. Second thing are the effects. In a world dominated by CGI, it was a real pleasure to see all the real effects in this movie. Krampus, the clown worm, etc are all horrifying in this film due to the fact they are real puppets and animatronics.
The last thing I’d like to add is the plot and feel of the movie. The plot is the most original I have seen all year and the vibe of the movie is a new take on the Christmas holiday. This movie excels as one of my top 10 favorite movie.
The only thing keeps by me from giving it a 100% score is the fact there are a few unneeded characters and a few silly monsters. These things are blown away by the phenomenal ending of this film and every scene before that. It’s a modern classic which I’d rate a 4/5 stars. @krampusmovie2015 #horror #movies #2015 #fun #evildead #krampus

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