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Leatherface Review

Leatherface Review:
Let me get two things out of the way: this is a sequel to Texas Chainsaw 3D and it’s doing, critically, what Curse of Chucky did for the Child’s Play series for the TCM series. With a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, I was pumped to see this. It actually became one of my favorite horror films of the year, let’s get into why.
First off, the characters are amazing. Each of them has a developed personality. This is best seen in Jed, the nurse, and Jed’s brother. The relationship between the trio felt genuine and they were great characters to follow. Stephen Dorff did an outstanding job and gave a powerful and cruel performance.
But what I truly loved, however, was the plot. This movie manages to capture the insanity and brutality of the original and is the first film since the 1974 classic to capture that insane essence. The story itself was an absolutely original idea that breathes new life into the character. Another highlight was the set design and cinematography.
This film also puts you in the 60’s and in the heart of Texas. It’s visually stunning and brings the franchise back to its darker, more brutal, humorless roots. It’s a hard watch because of its nail biting intensity, gut-wrenching gore, but in the end it’s an unforgettable experience.
Overall, this movie packs punch and is as intense as they come. Combine this with some fascinating characters and a recapturing of the originals spark of insanity and you have yourself one of the best installments in the series. 8.8/10