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Leprechaun Review

Leprechaun Review:
I know I know, this film is literally considered as low-budget trash. But in all it’s awfulness, I find endless amounts of fun in it. The film is just all the right aspects of 80’s slashers I enjoy with the perfect Warwick Davis thrown in to top it all off.
Instead of letting the cliched and predictable story bore its audience to death, the film integrated comedic and lighter tones of the story. Scare tactics were turned into laughs and laughs turned into a quick hour and a half. I loved the effects, the small town setting, and the Mythos it builds around our little leprechaun fellow.
Davis brings a driven but all the same, funny performance as our small but demonic antagonist. His motives are simple and the performance scene stealing. One that always stood out no matter how many sequels down the line was Warwick’s performance and here we truly have one of his best. It’s purely and simply put the role he was born to play.
Then there’s our protagonist, who in their own idiotic way are fun characters to root for. They’re not unlikable, in factm I found myself rooting for them. It’s shock, to be sure, but a pleasant one.
Aniston is as always, a gem and surprisingly, the romance is something I got behind. The mentally challenged character is a little out of date but I think it adds to the films 80’s atmosphere.
Overall. Leprechaun is truly a product of its time. A cash grab like no other thing to bank off Myers, Kruger, Leatherface, and Voorhees somehow manages to be something entirely entertaining and endlessly rewatchable all on its own.
This is in no short thanks to its perfectly cast title character. Just know what ya gettin into laddie! 6.3/10

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