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Life Review

Life Review:
I heard this was an Alien rip-off of sorts, they weren’t entirely lying. Now let’s just get to the review. All the characters with both big and small roles do a fantastic job. I was surprised with the depth of some of the cast and what arcs they chose to develop.
The most interesting and dramatic would be that of Jake Gyllenhaal. His whole personality was unique, interesting, but most importantly, captivating. Now the plot is not as spotless. As I mentioned, this movie does take some notes quite obviously from Alien.
However, I forgive this because of two things. I loved the idea behind and the development of the alien itself. It was very scientific and practical, a breath of fresh air to all the over the top aliens we see today. The second was the thrills. This movie was an intense and horrifying ride that got my heart beating. In the end, Life is probably one of my favorite films of the year so far. It has a great cast, characters, antagonist, and a plot that falters but is lifted up by smart writing. 4/5 Stars.

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