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Lifeforce Review

Lifeforce Review:
One of Tobe Hooper’s greatest accomplishments as a director and one of the most underrated horror films I’ve ever seen, LifeForce is truly a revolutionary and unique spin on the vampire formula.
First off, we have superbly acted leads that really do a lot for the film. We have complicated and human arcs that, while not always the heroes we want, are the heroes we get. They’re sympathetic and truly are protagonists we can root for.
The villain, however, steals the show. She’s cold, surprisingly terrifying, and embodies what it means to be a life-sucking monster. However, the movie truly shines in its story. In many ways, this is Hooper’s Prince of Darkness.
It takes a classic idea of vampires with a modern spin on it. Turning them into some sort of space creature that slowly infects people until it becomes an apocalyptic epidemic was a brilliant move on Hooper’s part.
The buildup and delivery of the said idea couldn’t have been more flawless. It absolutely shows boundless creativity and sheer brilliance which never ceases to astound me.
The last thing I’ll brag on are it’s stellar effects. Whether it be the then early CGI or it’s impressive practical effects work, LifeForce manages to visually stun me ah almost every turn with both twisted and beautiful ways of unsettling me with what’s on screen.
Overall, LifeForce is one of Hooper’s best films because his unrelenting creativity is unleashed at probably its most impactful. From the stellar characters to its unforgettable story, you won’t forget this movie soon in the best of ways. 9.4/10