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Monkey Shines An Experiment In Fear Review

Tonight’s late night review is one of the odder installments in George A. Romero’s iconic career. However, the product is still equally effective.
The story follows an extremely athletic man who, through an unfortunate accident, becomes a quadriplegic. Right off the bat, he gets a lot of sympathy. You see this great guy get torn apart, his life is in shambles, and then his girlfriend leaves him because of his accident.
To top it all off, she goes and gets with the doctor who treated him. Twenty minutes in and you’re emotionally invested in this guy. Then we get some backstory to the monkey and the two worlds meet and it’s fascinating. All the characters, friends, relationships effectively suck you into this movie. But the better part is watching this man regain his life. I dare say it’s quite inspirational.
His relationship with the monkey is sweet, which makes the forward spiral that much worse. When things start to go bad, we get to see his instinctive rage and how deadly the monkey is.
We also have some good moments of tension and great scares. Surprisingly enough, the romance had two fully developed characters that helped add a sense of terror to the finale. Speaking of the finale, the finale for this film is absolutely perfect. It’s high-octane, body-dropping, blood-soaked terror. The protagonists disabilities make Shia triumph that much more animalistic, horrific, and riling.
Overall, this movie takes a silly premise and turns it into something to fear. We have a truly remarkable human cast that captures our attention and lures us into caring for them, even becoming invested in their lives.
The horror is ever present to produce some truly shocking and tantalizing moments. It’s how to make a hard premise work, truly an example of Romero’s raw talent. 7.4/10