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Motel Hell Review

Motel Hell Review:
This is a massively underrated horror comedy that deserves some recognition. The movie is aperfect blend of dark comedy, horror, and a well-executed and zany premise.
First off, the cast is spectacular. We have Rory Calhoun as the lead farmer. He brings a certain unbridled American spirit and murderous intent that gives the character a passionate spirit. We can all sympathize with him wanting to run his farm and we all like to watch his upbeat and positive attitude, and this makes the scenes of him entrapping and killing tourists that much more fun.
Then there’s Nancy Parsons as his sister. She brings an unbridled and sometimes childish joy to the screen in her macabre rampage. She had great chemistry with Calhoun and this makes for some great moments. The supporting cast all did phenomenally in their jobs as well-rounded characters.
The plot is equally good. It creates a fantastically creative, atmospheric, and endlessly entertaining story. The idea of having a secret garden with people there “ripening” is written, acted, and executed to perfection. The effects and set design add up to the movie’s feel and immerses you. You get attached to the characters, story, and in the end you can’t help but love the movie.
Overall, this is one of the very few oddball horror movie I think all audiences can enjoy. It’s a cannibal comedy with heart and this leads to some unforgettable characters that have real depth and a story that stands the test of time. 8/10

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