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Mother Review

Mother Review:
This film still has me thinking and honestly, that’s not entirely a good thing, but if you’ve seen my score you know it ends up being one.
So Mother has been hailed as an atrocity to cinema and at the same time called one of its greatest achievements. To get an F from cinema scores is truly a feat for a movie that was also at the time, certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.
So how did the movie turn out for me? Utterly brilliant. It really is a cinematic experience like no other in every sense of the word. The film has such a different style of story-telling and such a flair of inbound artistic talent that I can’t really think of any film like it. It truly is unique and special in its own little genre.
Jennifer Lawrence turns in a sensational and blissfully ignorant but zealously passionate performance. The audience doesn’t just designate with her but does right along for the ride with her. With this is truly a allegorical and well written arc of self-realization that will have you thinking over not just her performance but her actions as well.
Javier Bardmen tears the roof as a complicated lead. His character is neither good nor every but fluctuating shades of grey, and to see him progress and regress is truly something every film fan must see. The supporting characters are all brilliantly written as metaphors or allegories for things going on around us.
Then there’s the plot and it’s burning. The story is quiet and ear-piercing all at the same time. It is structured to keep you on edge and guessing while never revealing the true nature of what’s going on.
I love films that keep you thinking and leave integration up to the audience and that’s exactly what this film does. Its entire finale is one of the most bizarre and personal favorite ends to a film I’ve ever seen because of how far outside the status quo it is.
Overall, Mother is a daring venture into uncharted cinematic territory that is both brilliantly written and exceptionally acted; Mother may not be a classic but it is a must see for anyone who calls themselves a fan of film.
Rating: 9.1/10