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My Bloody Valentine Review

What other film would you sit down and watch on Valentine’s Day than the horror cult classic My Bloody Valentine? Make it the 1981 original, no less. This film truly is one of my favorites slasher films because of how different it can be at times inside the genre.
Let’s start off with the characters. Instead of the usual teen romp, we get a slew of adults working in a mine and a great love triangle to keep things interesting.
It’s complicated, you see all sides of the story and it’s not just undeveloped filler. It has great moments of true heartfelt romance and helps the audience invest in some of these characters before the slaughter ever starts.
Our supporting cast is a plethora of likable guys and gals who all make for fun scenes of chemistry and funny antics. While the horror is happening, there are real people who we can relate to and empathize with having to deal with the same things. Every time I watch it, I fall in love with the leads.
Then there’s the villain. An underrated horror cult icon, Harry Warden has all the atmosphere, intimidating demeanor, and fright to hold his own against Voorhees and Myers. His backstory is tragic and horrific, making for a slasher that lives up to its promise. The plot is truly satisfying If anything.
It has loads of atmosphere and development but also terror and violence. It plays into your typical slasher cliche but it does it with effective wit and increasing skill.
From the camera work to the cold frozen February air effects, this movie feels akin to a John Carpenter flick. You relax and become part of the story, the hour and a half runtime blows by as you are left wanting more. Not to mention the phenomenal mind-boggling twist that shocks and terrifies me to this day.
Of all the twists I’ve seen at the end of a slasher/horror film, My Bloody Valentine continues to battle for top spot.
Overall My Bloody Valentine is how to do horror holiday right, with a great cast and true romance this scary slasher flick will entertain with yearly viewings without losing its pickaxe edge. 7.7/10