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Needful Things Review

Needful Things Review:
Continuing my horror only review streak since it’s October season with the exception of movies I see/review in theaters. I’ll be reviewing the criminally underrated Stephen King adaptation Needful Things.
First off, it’s a different kind of horror film in the sense that the people are the one who set off the horror here and not necessarily a fixed villain dealing havoc. Leland Gaunt tells people to do wrong but in the end it’s up to them.
It’s a devilishly clever premise that was mediocrely executed. The book goes much deeper but not always darker detail. The finished result is almost as powerful. You get attached to these characters and the atmospheric tone of this die hard King adaptation will entice King fans.
Of the characters, Ed Harris is of course the best. He carries the majority of the film on his back and his protagonist is an easily followable and easily relatable character.
The relationship and spiraling down of things is also another plus. Watching certain arcs play out is nothing short of fascinating and the finale for the movie is good overall. It’s a little over the top and goes a tad bit too far when talking about what Gaunt has done, but it’s still and effective end to an effect, a solid horror film.
Overall, Needful Things is a must watch for King fans and I’d recommend it to mainstream viewers as well. It’s got good characters and a good attitude adding up to a good movie. 7/10

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