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Nightmare on Elm Street 3 The Dream Warriors Review

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 The Dream Warriors Review:
Unanimously agreed upon as one of the greatest horror sequels of all time, Freddy’s return to form proved to be one of his greatest outings. The film is a perfect combination of everything you’d want from a horror movie and everything you should have in a great sequel.
First off, it doesn’t go “back to the roots.” This movie does utilize smart scares and creepy atmosphere, but it builds off the original and progresses the story and mythos further. It adds onto the Elm Street saga without repeating it.
This is also a unique horror film as it introduces a new set of characters that are actually all great. Each one is relatable and sympathetic, and you genuinely want them to survive. This makes it all the more heartbreaking when Krueger goes to work. We also have Nancy returning with her best performance. Heather Langenkampf gives an emotion-filled performance as a dedicated Nancy trying to prevent another slaughter.
The real star of the show, however, is Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger. He is brutal, hilarious, but a formidable enemy. He is a perfect blend between comedy and horror because the kills are truly violent and barbaric, but the quips are downright hilarious.
This movie redeems the franchise from a possible rut and sets up a very bright future. We have a great new set of fan-favorite characters and good send-off to old ones. The series features one of Englund’s best performances as the iconic Freddy Krueger and a story to end all Elm Street tales.
Overall, this is the sequel fans had been waiting for and a sequel, decades later, that will still wow and amaze both the converted and mainstream. 9.1/10