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Phantasm Oblivion Review

Phantasm Oblivion Review:
My final review of the installment in the Phantasm saga. Unfortunately this just may be my least favorite entry in the series.
Let’s start with the characters. The movie’s list of characters is much smaller this time around. We really just have Angus Scrimm, Reggie, and Michael Baldwin. They all give great performances. Michael gets a great deal more screen time and he uses this to show off his acting capabilities. Reggie as always is a blast to watch and Angus Scrimm gets to play a different version of the tall man.
Again, the series delves deeper into his mythology but this time Scrimm shows the audience he isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Now the plot isn’t as shabby. Besides the beginning and the end, the movie just exists. We get some things taken from the previous films and about a half hour of pandering around. There are some neat things here and there but the supposed to be “most exciting end game” for the series is really kinda boring at times.
Maybe it had something to do with it being 1:30 A.M and I still had another Phantasm film to watch, but never mind that. However, it still brought in enough interesting thrills and ideas to keep me interested. Overall, this is the weakest entree in the series but it still delivers in terms of characters. 3/5 Stars. #phantasm #phantasmoblivion #horror #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #angusscrimm #reggiebannister #funny #scary #guardiansofthegalaxy2 #weekend #friday #fun #latenight #binge #netflix

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