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Phantasm Ravager Review

Phantasm Ravager Review:
After getting the box set and all. I thought I’d review some of the entries on the Phantasm saga. I’ll start off with the most recent and hopefully last, Phantasm Ravager.
The returning cast did phenomenally well. Reggie Banister gave one of the best performances of the Phantasm series. He’s funny, cool, and has some dramatic depth. Mike is as good and mysterious as ever, but the real star is the late Angus Scrimm. He has some phenomenal moments of dialogue and truly intimidating presence. He doesn’t just turn in another performance, he’s giving it his all.
Now the plot isn’t as great. The first 20 minutes tell two stories. It’s about Reggie making his way through the back roads and another reality where Reggie is dying of dementia. The dementia reality is dramatic, sweet and poses some great questions. This segment goes through the whole film and is a strong aspect.
The action-packed dimension has some really cheesy moments, but it also has some really cool moments that will please any Phantasm fan. It was a fun watch that never let me down and always kept my attention. Overall, it was a satisfying conclusion to the Phantasm saga so what more could we ask for? 3.5/5 Stars.

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