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Pilgrimage Review

Pilgrimage Review:
Jon Bernthal is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. It’s a shame that not many people will see or currently know about this VOD gem.
The entire cast do a fantastic job of crafting complex and deep characters. Tom Holland is our lead and he does an especially superb job. He goes from being a quiet boy to becoming the forthcoming man the group needs by the end of the movie to make sure justice is done. His evolution is gradual, but emotionally brutal. He has to watch his mentors and friend get butchered, tortured. In the end, he has to decide if he wants to be one of them.
Bernthal, who is a beast, is a tortured soul looking for redemption and indeed he found it. With only one word spoken in the entire film, he galvanizes the audience’s faith and gets their blood boiling with passion. His journey is both quiet and erupting, but by the end of the film you’ll be impressed by the lengths he goes to protect what he considers his redemption.
Richard Armitage provided a sympathetic yet despicable performance. The villains have well built and hateable personas. While the entire cast, as previously stated, were amazing.
The plot isn’t as good, but still holds water. It’s a straightforward survival story with little we haven’t seen before. However, it’s the characters and their development that makes the movie shines. The movie very much makes up for a generic story with exceptional characters and far above average execution. In the end, the story will have you glued to the screen.
Overall, Pilgrimage is an emotional blast of characters and development that will have you investing everything into its leads and it will indefinitely get your blood boiling by the explosive finale. 8.2/10