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Power Rangers Review

Seeing as it just came out on DVD, let’s review the remake of this cheesy TV classic. I think it’s important to say I never really was a fan of the show and I haven’t seen that many episodes, maybe 12 total so I went into this basing my enjoyment off of he quality of the movie alone and not as a fan.
Starting there, it was a huge disappointment. For a movie with a 120 million dollar budget, they really didn’t try anything new. It’s every cliche from every Marvel film mixed with every cliche from every coming of age film. You have every edgy teen stereotype there is in the book and every action sequences or subplot there is an MCU film.
What really saved this film was the cast. We had a nice slew of characters to get behind that genuinely surprised me with how much I like them and just when I start liking the film, the villain had to come around.
Elizabeth Banks was pretty awful as the antagonist, overacting every scene, had horrible dialogue, and some of the most unfunny humor in any action film I’ve seen this year. Not even the action sequences were that good. They again, were generic and numb. Every time I thought I could enjoy myself, this movie would bring something up to make me slouched down on my seat. Even if you were a fan, there’s practically no similarity between this and the shows beside the last fifteen minutes.
Overall, this movie has its fair share of moments and may well do some fan service, but as a movie, it fails on every front except for characters. It doesn’t even do that very well. 4.9/10