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Prince of Darkness Review

Prince of Darkness Review:
This is one of the deepest, most creative, scariest, and overall one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. John Carpenter unleashes his full twisted vision in this tale of science and religious apocalypse.
It also holds one of my favorite performances by one of my favorite actors, Donald Pleasance. This movie creates an almost entirely new religion by clashing modern science with ancient Christianity. It’s new views of the anti-God and his son Santon are beyond amazing, and add up to a ideological film.
This film will scare you, it will make you think about what you know, and overall you’ll definitely enjoy it. This makes it 4/5 stars for me. #princeofdarkness #johncarpenter #horror #horrorfan #lostthemes #lostthemes2 #moviereview #justiceleague #wonderwoman #superman #batman #moviereviews #movie #movies #comiccon

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