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Psycho II Review

Psycho II Review:
This movie came out 23 years after the original and appeared to be only a cash grab at the 80’s slasher frenzy. This movie had no right being as good as it was and I love it for that.
First off, we have an extremely mature, emotional, and well-handled approach taken to this underrated sequel. Instead of going for kills and gore, it goes for psychological horror that bends and warps the audience’s perception of what’s really going on.
It’s an extremely well-written and well-executed mystery that builds tension amongst our lead characters. All of this is boosted by an all-star cast. We have Anthony Perkins seamlessly slipping back into Norman Bates’ shoes. He is phenomenal in his role and gives a committed performance as a man trying to reform his life.
Our new characters are all very likable, powerfully acted, and help add a sense of dimension to the story. When you like just about everyone, it makes it hard to see who the real villain is.This movie has the impossible task of making a sequel to a movie that was never intended, wanted, or asked for.
Despite all the odds, they came through to deliver a ferociously entertaining and surprisingly well-executed psychological horror mystery.
Overall, this movie will appease critics, mainstream, and fans because of a powerhouse performance from Anthony Perkins, a great cast, and a passionate and dedicated director who guided this movie into quite scary waters. 8.2/10

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