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Psycho III Review

Psycho III Review:
Anthony Perkins directed this follow up to the sequel that defied all odds and I was genuinely curious to see if the series would continue its line of quality or fall into line with generic 80’s slasher sequels.
Thankfully, I can say it not only continues the quality, but it surpasses its predecessor. First off, we dive deeper into the horror aspect and giving us a slew of new and interesting characters. This movie does take elements from the first, but crafts its own unique and wildly entertaining story at the same time.
Our fear of Norman becoming what he was is realized but there is a ray of hope. Because of Anthony Perkins dedication both in front and behind the camera, the audience desperately want this tortured man to find peace and to get a happy ending. However, as things spiral out of control, we don’t know who to root for and who really are the good guys and bad.
The supporting cast all do a stellar job as we get sucked even further into Norman Bates’ story. The dialogue was on point, the effects were amazing, this movie had some great scares and moments of psychological terror.
Overall, this series defies the impossible with every second, crafting a new and spectacular story that introduces great new characters and propels the old ones into amazing story arcs. This was a satisfying end to the Psycho trilogy, but I still need to check out Psycho IV.