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Rambo Review

The surprise blockbuster, clocking over a hundred million worldwide, is a return to form for Stallone. This movie wasn’t just what the franchise needed, it was what Stallone needed to make a triumphant comeback.
This movie has a stellar cast, but not in name. All the supporting actors are great at their jobs. Their character may be one dimensional, but they are acted to perfection and you really care for them. They help you believe the brutality they are undergoing and this helps form a bond with them.
Then there’s Stallone, who is perfect. He is the brooding, dangerous, but also a thoughtful protagonist. We get to see him at a broken state, and his journey to regaining hope. Along for the ride are probably some of the best kills in the Rambo saga. Stallone is both a fanatics lead and director. In his second feature as a director, Stallone carries the story exceptionally. The plot is straightforward, but well executed. It’s a generic Rambo story with lots of blood and gore, but along the way we get some awesome characters. As a Rambo fan you’ll have a lot of fun and for mainstream this will also suffice.
This is one of the most violent movies ever made and will leave an impression on the audience. Overall, this is a nice return to form for Stallone and one of the best installments in the Rambo saga. 7.8/10

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