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Re-Animator Review

Re-Animator Review:
Let’s end the night with a horror movie and not Krista by horror movie but the classic H.P. Lovecraft classic Re-Animator. This movie is just an all-around perfect horror movie. It has great and smart ideas, phenomenal execution, and spectacular practical effects.
First, let’s take a look at the characters within the story. Each persona is given a definite personality and depth. Each character also goes through some kind of personality shift, which makes for smart, well-written, development. It was nice to see such command behind the camera and talent in front.
None, however, did as great a job as Jeffrey Combs. He was mesmerizing as the Re-Animator and he disappeared into the passions and madness of the role. The villain is also a great antagonist, seeing he is as mad, despicable, and energized as our tentative lead.
Now the plot is another testament to the quality of the film. It’s a brilliant look at the macabre and bizarre, exploring the otherworldly idea of what’s possible after death. Its science and mysticism are like no other movie, not just in this genre, I have ever seen. It never loses you and always entertains you. For a horror movie to be both smart and mainstream appealing is truly a phrase not to be ignored.
Overall, Re-Animator is one of the finest, smartest, and most interesting horror films ever put to screen. 9.3/10
Anderson Bishop assigned to Jordan Robins.

10 days ago

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