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Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review


Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review:
Well I’m not a fan of the series. In fact, the highest score I’d give to any of the installments was 2.5 or 3. The rest are one or two stars. You could say my hopes and expectations for this final installment weren’t exactly high.
Let’s start off with the actors. Milla Jovovich does a great job as the lead. She really puts in a fun, emotional, and worthwhile final performance as her titular character. The supporting cast was a surprise. The villain, played perfectly by Iain Glen, gave a sort of Romero sense to the film. Not to mention they actually kill off the side characters.
Most these guys throughout the series survive things that no man should live through and it has always annoyed me. However, in the Final Chapter these supposedly invincible sidekicks are getting hacked up, dropped, and blown up every which way.
Now the plot was also a surprise. After an incredibly dumb first 15 minutes, the movie really picks up. We get some great world-building, very interesting ideas, phenomenal action sequences, and a sense that this really is the end. The characters and their motivations really convinced me that we were coming to the end of everything, whether that be for the good or bad guys.
The last 30 minutes in particular were also great. It had satisfying conclusions to certain characters, some nice twists, and overall a satisfying conclusion to the Resident Evil Series. I am happy to report that the Final Chapter is probably this series best entry, but that’s not saying much. 3/5 Stars. #movie #movies #moviereview #moviereviews #resisentevil #millajovovich #memorialdayweekend #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #undead #thewalkingdead #walkingdead #residentsevilthefinalchapter

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