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Return To Horror High Review

Return To Horror High Review:
Tonight’s late night review is the slasher ripoff that was poking fun at the horror subgenre long before Wes Craven took a jab at it with Scream. However, the level of quality is a far cry. The movie has a solid cast of fun but dimwitted actors and actresses, and along for the ride are some really funny directors, producers, and writers.
They all were really smart ripoffs and cliches in the genre. But my favorite had to be the director and writer. Their script and idea were constantly getting reworked by the producer to be bloodier and more fun.
This is a great representation of what actually was going on in the horror industry as of then. It’s what went wrong with Hellraiser III, Child’s Play 2, Nightmare on Elm Street II, and many others. It was both fun and nice to see smart commentary on the genre I love. Not just the girl who can’t run and the virgin always lives, but smart quirks on what happens behind the scenes.
The plot ruins most of that. The film has a nice little slasher plot that, unfortunately, becomes what it’s ripping off of from. It’s a by-the-books slasher film on purpose that ends up boring the audience even with spectacular gore effects. We’ve seen the majority of what happens in this movie and it doesn’t make it okay just because they’re making fun of it. They’re still doing it so they’re essentially making the same mistakes.
Then there are the joke problems. The humor in this movie is 50/50. It’s a miss or hit, and it misses a lot. The writers tried their hardest to make jokes about the genre and jokes in general, and the mainstream jokes usually don’t work.
However, the film’s finale was immensely fun and the film as a whole had a spectacular twist that was the blood-soaked cherry on the severed limb cake. Overall, this will be a blast for horror fans looking for a hidden gem, and mainstream might even check it out just for something funny and to introduce them into the more forgotten world of horror. Then you can show them New Year’s Evil, Blood Diner, Chopping Mall, Slaughter High, and others. 6.4/10