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Rocky Balboa Review

After an ill-fated attempt to revitalize the series with Rocky 5, the franchise lay dormant for many years. However, Sylvester Stallone came back in the 2000’s to resurrect the series and give us one of its greatest installments.
First off, we get a great new group of characters mixed with the classic older ones. We get to follow Rocky as he’s stuck in a rut of existence and as an opportunity presents itself for him to go back into the ring, he seizes it.
Stallone goes all in for this performance, delivering a powerful and heartfelt reiteration of the character. He manages to recapture the essence presented in the first film as well as capture the audience’s emotions and hope to inspire and lift them up like he did previously.
The plot, on the other hand, is both a strong and weak suit for the movie. It’s beginning set off the main story and is a little unbelievable. But in the fork, we’re treated to some phenomenal character interaction, arc, and an uplifting story. It’s a down to earth story that ropes the audience in and doesn’t let go.
The finale is also exceptional. It gets your heart rate up, gets you in the fight, and is an unforgettable Amrit experience. Every hit, every spurt of blood, and every classic line of dialogue in this film is unforgettable.
Overall, this movie is a strong start for first time director Sylvester Stallone. It also propels Rocky Balboa into the modern era with galvanizing effects. You have an award worthy central performance from Stallone and an equally impressive cast with equally impressive chemistry Combine that with scenes that gets the blood boiling, you have yourself a Rocky film. 8.7/10