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Salem’s Lot Review


Salem’s Lot Review:
While this is technically a mini-series just like its “IT” counterpart, it’s sold as a three hour movie. So does Tobe Hooper’s 70’s adaptation of the Stephen King classic stand the test of time? The answer is absolutely. I was grimly shocked with just how engaging and scary this three decade old adaptation is.
First off, let’s talk about the characters. Our leads in this movie are as great as any of King’s adaptation leads could be. The main protagonist is a complicated and relatable author, an obvious projection of King into his own character, and the actor portraying him does a fine job. His relationships with the town people and his friends are fascinating.
The supporting cast are stellar. From the good guys, the everyday men and women, to the bad guys, all of them have engaging arcs and development. The characters help set a sort of atmosphere and developed the towns horrific history through well-written dialogue.
The villains are truly a stroke of genius. From the minion dressed as a man to the terrifying man behind the curtain, the vampires are flawless. Since each infected is a developed personality, their loss is felt and their enticement of others is both terrifying and emotional.
The plot holds a good deal of quality. It develops a truly brutal blast of creativity in its classic tale of vampires and small town terror. For its entire three-hour runtime, you will be focused on the film and that’s saying something for such a long watching endeavor.
Overall, Salem’s Lot is a phenomenal example of how to do vampire horror and how to adapt a Stephen King novel. It takes its time to develop the story and the scares leading to an altogether satisfying watching experience. 9.2/10

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