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Saw Review


Saw Review:
This is the film that started a hundred million dollar franchise and started the wave of torture porn movies we got in the 2000’s. Does it stand the test of time? Not really. Saw is an inventive and fun enough horror film but disappoints on many levels. It has a poor story structure, poor acting at times, poor dialogue at times, and a poor balance of plot.
Anyway, I liked the idea behind it and how it was like a smarter more modern slasher flick from the 80’s. I felt at times that some of the acting was weak. But I also give the actors credit for this, Why, you might ask?
Well, because this film is a true low budget. Unlike other “low budget” films of today
which usually fare around 50 million, this only had a budget of around 1
million. So I was surprised with how well done it was.
Essentially, you have a great story of two men trapped in a room being tortured by a mysterious
serial killer and another uninteresting story of a cop trying to find him.
Danny Glover is a great actor and he shines in this movie, but his story is
uninteresting and only serves to frame one of our two main characters.
However, the one story that’s interesting is graphically entertaining and absolutely saves the
film from oblivion. Our two leads do a fine job of putting us in the film and
there are only a few bad moments of dialogue and only one scene of bad acting.
Now, of course, the killer Jigsaw does a fine job and truly deserves all the
praise he subsequently got.
I liked the plot, but at times it seemed to be cliche and predictable. Maybe that’s because this
is such a huge movie. It’s plot is widespread and in today’s world you can’t
really watch Saw and be surprised. I liked the film, it’s characters, and in
the end felt it lived up to the hype and then some.
Overall, Saw is a mediocre horror film that is lifted by one of its two main story arcs and by
its intense use of gore/practical effects. 6.0/10