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Scream 4 Review


Scream 4 Review:
I love the first and second Scream movies, quintessential slasher films, and the third is pretty stupid. It’s a massive letdown and as an attempt at a cheap surprise. I went into Scream 4 with an open mind to it being a bad attempt to revitalize the series or a true return to form for Wes Craven one of my favorite directors.
The acting in this movie is overall positive. The newcomers all do well and are genuinely good in their roles. The thing about this movie is it’s a ripoff on remakes, and in essence, Scream 4 is a remake of the original while at the same time parodying horror remakes.
It takes enough similarities but adds enough differences to be a good remake and the movie mocks this in the smartest ways. It had the original cast of characters either gender swapped, modernized or played by a popular actor. It’s a brilliant idea and executed perfectly as a parody of modern slasher remakes.
Now the returning cast is also great. Sidney as always is a fun and rootable lead, Gal was iffy at the beginning but she slipped into her familiar and beloved character as the movie progressed, and one of my favorite on screen characters of all time is back and better than ever. Dewy is back with great quotes, actions, development, and gave my favorite performance in the film.
The plot, on the other hand, is mixed. While the parroting of remakes, such as the film met the top violence critera and the new set of “remake rules” is brilliant, the movie has its fair share of problems. It has awkward humor throughout and the first 15 minutes were very representative of what made Scream 3 so bad.
The opening was amazing and brought Ghostface back into modern times, but everything after that, at least from the next 15 minutes, was pretty bad. After that, however, we get a slick, clever, and modern introduction to the classic tale that keeps and uses the wit that made the series so great. Scream 4 isn’t perfect and far from being as good as the original or it’s sequel, but it’s a good entry and definitely worth a watch for horror and slasher fans. 7.0/10

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