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Scream Review

Scream Review:
Scream is responsible for the revitalization of the slasher genre in the 90’s and is considered a modern classic. Wes Craven of a Nightmare on Elm Street and The Hills Have Eyes would push what was possible one more time.
The opening alone for this film has become a trademark of cinematic history. Now, of course, we have ourselves a slasher cast of the usual. The final girl, her friend, and the rest you would expect. However, this movie’s cast is full of quick-witted, genre-defining personas. Not to mention phenomenal and clever dialogue that’s some of the best the genre will ever have.
We are also introduced to one of the greatest final girls of all time, Sidney Prescott, and one of my favorite horror movie characters, Dewy. Now what is a horror movie without a villain? Ghostface is a different kind of slasher because he can be anyone. He represents the basic slasher and his faults while parodying the genre type transcends to become one of its best.
The plot is even better. It’s full of clever twists and fun turns that, while predictable at times, are well-executed. At some point, the plot’s over excessive kills can drag on. Though this is a small grip on a phenomenal film.
Overall, Scream is a must watch for horror fans, must watch for slasher fans, and a must watch for movie fans in general. 8.9/10.

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