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Slaughterhouse Review

Slaughterhouse Review:
This is a whole lot better than I thought it’d be and I’m about to tell you why. This movie takes just about everything I love about slasher films and puts it into a high quality movie that reflects the best the genre has to offer.
First off is the cast. We get a slew of both likable leads that are just relatable teens. You don’t want them to die and you can’t predict who’s going to bite the dust. It surprised me how ferocious the movie was in knocking off lead characters.
Then there are the villains. The two antagonist are as good as they come. For starters, they’re sympathetic and convey an actually interesting and sad message about changing times, and then they’re just wacky fun killers that we love. Every second they were on screen was filled with fun dialogue and good chemistry between the father and son.
The plot is where things go downhill. The film is a highly predictable and hardly original slasher film. It will entertain and delight genre enthusiast because of its strong cast and it’s fun story. Even mainstream might want to check it out because it’s some of the most fun slasher flicks around. But the movie has a very abrupt and, to put it bluntly, a bizarre ending that will leave you angry instead of satisfied.
The last thing I want to mention is the set design. From the houses, desert, and indoor shots—everything about this film felt dirty and blood soaked, and it only adds to the film’s atmosphere.
Overall, this movie will be a horror fan’s dream because it has good characters and a fun story, and this goes to mainstream as well. Despite its many flaws, I can’t help but love it. 6/10

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