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Streets of Fire Review

Streets of Fire Review:
A fun 80’s throwback with Rick Moranis? Count me in. This movie was a perfect blend of fun and style and I guarantee you that you’ll have a good time watching it.
Our lead is your usual macho tough guy but this time we get to see some better execution of the character. He’s human with human problems and it very much helps the role is in the hands of a capable actor. His romance is played a nice, creative, and surprising angle that made his whole arc that much more captivating.
The whole supporting cast also did a phenomenal job and Amy Madigan and Rick Moranis made for some great companions. The group had some great chemistry and good character moments. Now the best performance came from Willem Dafoe. He was a creepy, sadistic, but somehow manages to come off as a groovy villain.
Now my favorite aspect of the story was the plot and style. It was a fast-paced, heavily stylized action thriller that sucked the audience in and never let’s go. The downtrodden design of the city combined with the 50’s greaser town add up a unique and unmatched cinematic experience.
Overall, the story isn’t that deep and the characters are mostly face value, but the story is fantastically creative and the ride is as fun as it gets. 8.1/10

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