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Survival of the Dead Review


The final entry in the modern Romero Zombie trilogy looked to be the best. An isolated town on an island have a disagreement with how to handle the zombie outbreak. It looked to be a classic in the making. However, it turned out to be the worst of the bunch.
First off, the characters were mostly poorly acted and poorly developed. With the exception of a few, the protagonists never evolved from the moment they came onscreen and even their base elements weren’t that interesting. Now the antagonist could’ve been great and he did have his moments, but overall was a poorly acted stereotype.
The plot was equally disappointing. It had a few really cool moments and intense scenes, but the overacting story was uninteresting and bland. This movie felt like an imitation of a Romero film instead of a Romero film. Land of the Dead will always be one of my favorite Zombie movies and Day of the Dead is one of my favorite movies period. All I could say is that this was a massive disappointment. 2/5 Stars.

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