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Suspiria Review

Suspiria Review:
With the Halloween season kicking into full effect and the upcoming release of its 4K restored version, I thought why not review Dario Argento’s arguably greatest film, Suspiria.
It’s a mix of stylized horror and shockingly compelling story which turns out as his smartest and most visually impressive film to date. Where most know him as the splatterhouse director of Demons, The Church, etc—Suspiria shows his true talent.
First off, we have a great set of characters. From the moment the film starts, the characters help invoke a sense of immediate dread, and from there it never stopped. We get subtle and quiet moments of terror all oriented around how likable the characters are and how horrifying the exhaustion of the scares turn out to be.
The lead is one of my favorite finals girls in the genre’s history. She’s a strong character with a well rounded personality who we can immediately relate to because of her constant struggle to be as good as everyone around her. Nonetheless, her inquisitive nature pits her against a school of terror and mystery that sucks the audience in.
The plot is as brilliant as its characters. It’s an original story of witchcraft and school that, decades later, is still as original and unique as it was when it first came out. The real highlight of the movie was it’s lighting. It’s use of the colors blue, red, and sometimes green, give the film thick atmosphere and adds layer upon layer of subliminal genius and horror.
Overall, Suspiria was a genuine surprise. It stands the test of time as a creative and beautiful venture into the horror genre because its has a woeful cast of heroes and villains combined with an artistic and engrossing story that you’ll certainly never forget. 9.4/10

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