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Terrifier Review

Terrifier Review:
I was a big fan of All Hallows’ Eve but think it’s sequel Tyler All Hallows’ Eve 2 is an abomination to the series’s name. When I heard Art the Clown was getting his own movie I was intrigued but just happy to see him return to the series.
What we got was a beautiful throwback to 80’s and 70’s slasher movies that both pays respects but at the same time creates its own terrifying new story.
Watching this movie alone nearly killed me. David Horton Thornton was electrifying as Art. His stature and facial expressions will leave you wanting to look away but unable to because you don’t want to miss a second of his performance. He’s terrifying and brings a new supernatural but grounded slasher to our horror community.
Then there’s our protagonist. What starts out as what appears to be a cliched group of girls quickly becomes well-developed characters that we become attached to and want to survive, even kill Art.
Concerning our leads there are some really big twists and shocking turns that will leave you speechless wondering who will survive and who won’t.
This movie is beautifully unpredictable and I loved it. The story as you could guess is also unpredictable. While it follows a basic premise, inside that is some genuinely terrifying moments built up beautifully with expert suspense. You’ll be both engrossed in this movie and wanting to look away.
Overall, Terrifier provides a brutally and unrelenting vision that, in my opinion, is in many ways a modern Texas Chainsaw Massacre in how it properly build and pushes boundaries. 8.8/10
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