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Terror Train Review

Terror Train Review:
This is a kids pull prank, prank goes too far film. It’s a back for revenge later slasher film that really doesn’t pull it off that well.
The only thing this movie really has going for it is it’s setting and Jamie Lee Curtis. As always Curtis delivers a fine performance and is in her slasher prime. Now the setting, being a train and all, is quite creative and allows for some nice moments and set pieces. The rest is pretty generic, predictable, and not even done well enough to be a genre joyfest.
It has bland characters that are one-dimensional, deaths that are poorly done from an effects standpoint, and deaths that are boring. I never thought the day would come when the deaths in a slasher film from the 80’s would bore me.
The plot itself can get quite boring, so overall a good chunk of this movie is boring. The twist at the end, on the other hand, is astute, well-executed, and genuinely disturbing. For all the suspects they present you with, you’ll never guess who it really is. The last five minutes are perfect and I just wish the rest of the film could have been as entertaining.
Overall, it’s a bad slasher flick that I would avoid. Just watch Slasher High, Waxwork, Halloween or another variety of slasher films. 3.9/10

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