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The Beast Within Review

The Beast Within Review:
This is a more forgotten, but just as effective horror film. Tonight’s late night review is none other than the 1982 forgotten Tom Holland project, The Beast Within. The movie isn’t as good as you’d expect a film of its caliber and subject matter to be, but it delivers where and when needed.
First off, the cast, with all things considered, is quite good. The leads, mother, and father, are extremely likable, sympathetic, characters that lack any real depth. They get good character moments, but never evolve beyond their respective beginnings. The son actually did really well though. He perfectly translated the aspect of slowly losing everything you know and love as the madness and macabre set in. It was a great double role for him and he excelled in his portrayal. The supporting cast all did a good, but depthless job, with more of the same pros and cons of the leads.
The plot is about the same as well. You have a nice and creative idea that has some great twists and moments, but is bogged down by poor cinematography and throwaway characters. The story was actually quite powerful and the finale was exceptionally emotional, but the film suffered carrying its own weight for the most part. Despite many challenges, it’s still able to carry some of that weight.
Overall, The Beast Within is a more emotional and brutal 80’s horror film than most, equipped with dazzling special effects. 7.4/10

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