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The Belko Experiment Review


The Belko Experiment Review:
What other movie would I review on a Monday? This really had a lot of potential and was one of my most anticipated films of the year. It had the great James Gunn writing and the great Scott McLean directing, so I was hyped to say the least.
However, it did disappoint on several levels, but entertained overall. The acting and characters in this movie are all solid. While the cast is too big for its own good, you get a connection and feel of each character you’re supposed to feel for. The characters you’re supposed to hate are human in the way that they have their reasons to survive.
It was nice to see that the people on the their side of what you believe aren’t just monsters but desperate human beings trying to survive.
The plot isn’t as perfect. We have the generic battle royal scenario played out as you would expect. It’s done well enough with great practical effects and a good deal of tension, but it all is way too granular to with only a few things to differentiate it from past endeavors into this same territory.
Overall, this movie doesn’t do anything new for the genre or the careers of anyone involved, but it’s a nice movie that will give you a fun hour and a half. 6.3/10

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